3 Ways to Prepare to have the best Disneyland Family Vacation

Do you know your kids favorite Disney shows and characters? Read below to find out why you should. 


Here are 3 things you can do before your trip to have a better Disneyland family vacation. 

1. Explore the app BEFORE you get there. Know how to book a Lightning Lane, Mobile Order food, and find a bathroom.

The app can feel overwhelming, but trust me, it’ll feel even more overwhelming if you’re walking down Main street with your family trying to figure out where to go and how to use the app. Explore the map and all its features/filters. Know how to get to the Tip Board and what it is. Both the attractions AND dining tabs. (This is key if you have Genie+ or want to Mobile Order)


2. Know the top 3 things your kids are most excited about. Prioritize those. 

Have them watch YouTube videos of rides that might be too scary or look up a list of the characters they might be able to see. While you’re at the parks make sure each kid does something for them. If your daughter loves mermaids and Ariel, ride it. Even if your sons complain, they know they’ll be able to ride their favorite ride later on. That may be your daughters favorite part of the trip! And we all know: if your kids aren’t having a good time, no one is having a good time. 


3. Rope Drop. Know the first ride you’re going to.

Did you know you can scan in to the parks 45-60 minutes before the park ‘opens’? Main Street is open all the way to the circle by the castle. Get in the parks early and be ready. 

Whether you have Genie+ or not, know which rides require an Individual Lightning Lane. I’d recommend aiming for those rides first if you don’t want to wait in long lines or pay per person for the Lightning Lane. 

If you have Genie+, it’s important to know what rides you can book a Lightning Lane and which you can’t. Maybe you want to start with some of the popular rides that you can’t book a LL for, like Pirates of the Caribbean. 


Did you just learn something new? What other Disneyland questions do you have?

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